December 16, 2010

Lock Your Thoughts with Steganos LockNote

Remembering a lot of things sometimes can be tricky, especially, remembering something that you don’t want others to know. Get a notepad and write down your thoughts. Well, that crossed my mind too, in fact, I’ve been doing that for a long time. That’s not practical. So I started using the built-in notepad in Windows, I LOVE IT. That is one simple, yet useful application. It just missing something, the option to lock (like in Microsoft Office saving option). Because I want that feature so badly, I started googling, then I find the answer. It’s not replacing the notepad, but it does thing different way; security-wise. It called Steganos LockNote. It’s a small, light-weight application. Once you download and open the application, you can change the password to open it. No installation needed. Carry it anywhere, make a copy (or a lot) to categorize your thoughts, if you want to. Simple and secure, and it’s free.

Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNote First Launch

Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNote Change Password

Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNote Change Password Success

Steganos LockNote

Open Steganos LockNote After Change Password

You can read the overview here Visit the project site on and download Steganos LockNote, it’s FREE!

November 11, 2010

Vaio Gate on your PC (Vista/7)

Versi Bahasa Indonesia disini. (membuka window baru ke blog posterous)

Yesterday, there was this student come with her Sony Vaio laptop. She said, ‘could please take a look at my laptop, the Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to work.’ While I checked, the pointer reached the top of the screen, and then there was this soft, elegant, beautiful dock popped-out.

I was so curious about that dock; I’ve never seen a dock like that before. So curious, my hand itch to right-clicked at it just to see the `properties` or `setting` or anything just to see the name of that dock, but that has got nothing to do with ‘the not-running-WMP’ case. Just my luck, her class had to start so she left her laptop with me. Hah!

As soon as she left, I checked the name of the dock, and disappointed. It was called Vaio Gate, so I reckoned the dock was native dock of Sony Vaio Laptop Series. So I did something with the not-running-WMP, when that’s done I returned the laptop.

I  rushed back to my PC with one thing on my mind. Google. I searched and I searched then I stumbled upon this website. I was so happy when I read:

Sony Vaio Gate Dock

There’s a new piece of software for Sony Computers called Sony Vaio Gate

This is pretty cool dock. It doesn’t check if the machine is a Sony either so it runs on anything

Hahahhahahhahahaha.. YES! That means this dock can be installed on my PC!

I clicked the link, and that take me here, where I was able to download the dock. After I installed the dock, I can only say, WOW! Love it! A LOT!

Oh yeah, there is also atutorial about using this dock here.

September 28, 2010

Hello world!

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