Vaio Gate on your PC (Vista/7)

Versi Bahasa Indonesia disini. (membuka window baru ke blog posterous)

Yesterday, there was this student come with her Sony Vaio laptop. She said, ‘could please take a look at my laptop, the Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to work.’ While I checked, the pointer reached the top of the screen, and then there was this soft, elegant, beautiful dock popped-out.

I was so curious about that dock; I’ve never seen a dock like that before. So curious, my hand itch to right-clicked at it just to see the `properties` or `setting` or anything just to see the name of that dock, but that has got nothing to do with ‘the not-running-WMP’ case. Just my luck, her class had to start so she left her laptop with me. Hah!

As soon as she left, I checked the name of the dock, and disappointed. It was called Vaio Gate, so I reckoned the dock was native dock of Sony Vaio Laptop Series. So I did something with the not-running-WMP, when that’s done I returned the laptop.

I  rushed back to my PC with one thing on my mind. Google. I searched and I searched then I stumbled upon this website. I was so happy when I read:

Sony Vaio Gate Dock

There’s a new piece of software for Sony Computers called Sony Vaio Gate

This is pretty cool dock. It doesn’t check if the machine is a Sony either so it runs on anything

Hahahhahahhahahaha.. YES! That means this dock can be installed on my PC!

I clicked the link, and that take me here, where I was able to download the dock. After I installed the dock, I can only say, WOW! Love it! A LOT!

Oh yeah, there is also atutorial about using this dock here.

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